Statement from ILRS EC

On february 1-3rd, the ILRS EC met in Tunis, combining an EC meeting with visits with local democracy activists and comrades, by invitation from the Ennahda party. During the meeting, the ILRS EC released the following statement:

Statement from ILRS on

The path from dictatorship to democracy

Democracy is spreading in the world. Over the last few years several dictatorships in the Arab world have fallen, but alas, many are still standing. Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya were the first countries to challenge a system that has oppressed peoples in the Arab world for decades.

The ILRS is stressing that dictatorship is not only the responsibility of single dictators who have been able to oppress millions of individuals determined to embrace democracy. Dictatorship rests on limited degree of internal legitimacy, but relies heavily on external support from strong agents that help dictatorships survive and even prosper. Many Arab countries are still under dictatorship, and many countries in the world are still maintaining the economic and political system that keeps dictators in power. And few are brave enough to criticise the remaining dictators throughout the world who are still enjoying total impunity.

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